• 06. July

    Top Packaging Summit 2017

    Den 19. og 20. september afholder Packbridge i Sverige Top Packaging Summit. FoodNetwork arrangerer …

  • 06. July

    Studietur til Qingdao, Kina

    FoodNetwork arrangerer under projektet Blå Vækst en studietur til Qingdao i Kina fra den 30. oktober…

About FoodNetwork

FoodNetwork is the food sector’s innovation network, a part of the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science’s Innovation Network Denmark programme, which supports nationwide cluster and network organisations in areas important to Danish trade and industry.

As a national platform, FoodNetwork works to generate growth and development in food SMEs. We offer a variety of activities which are tailored to industry needs and support the development potential of the individual company.

The network behind FoodNetwork includes universities and educational institutions, “GTS” institutes (approved technological service providers) and knowledge environments. Furthermore, a partnership has been entered into with all of the Danish regions and a number of trade organisations to ensure that the services offered by FoodNetwork become available to all Danish food companies. 

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